Anodizing Pumps

Pumps for anodizing and other chemical process come in a variety of materials, flow rates, in tank filtration, temperatures, and pH. Materials can include CPVC, stainless steel, or polypropylene. CPVC is a thermoplastic that is produced by the chlorination of PVC resin. PVC is thermoplastic polymer. CPVC is used mostly for very hot or cold water temperatures, while PVC can be used for any type of application. CPVC is flexible while PVC is less ductile. Stainless steel can be compromised of many different types of metal.  Most steel and other iron carbon alloys are made of ferrite, austenite, cementite, martensite and graphite.

Acidic and alkaline solutions can change the type of  pump needed. pH levels can vary from less than 1 (hydrochloric acid) to 10-11 (Ammonia). Due to the different types of solutions pump filters and flow rates will vary. Filtration allows for the metamorphose of cloudy dirty water into a clear solution. Filtration is useful for getting rid of particulates and globs of oil. Flow rates can range anywhere from 400 gallons/hour to 5000 gallons/hour.